Electrical Safety Sim Low Voltage Demo

Electrical Safety Sim Low Voltage Demo 1.2

Interactive lessons and simulations for electrical safety
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See what could happen when you don't follow electrical safety rules in a simulated environment. The game contains several lessons and scenarios, all compliant with the NFPA 70E 2009 standard and the OSHA regulations.

Every day, the most serious electrical hazards - arc flash, arc blast and shock - result in fatalities or serious injuries to electrical workers and others who work around electrical equipment. Statistics do not include the many more “near misses” that occur every day in the workplace.

While the hazards can never be completely eliminated, many of the injuries can be avoided when workers follow the safety practices outlined by NPA and OSHA regulations.

ESSLV gives trainees a place to practice electrical safety through a combination of interactive lessons and event simulations. Trainees make choices and experience consequences in real-time, and can experiment with options to gain a more thorough understanding of what influences the severity of an electrical hazard.

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